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 Students of the Month   


 August- Attendance

Pre-K: London Lawrence

Kindergarten:  Mia Gibson

First Grade:  Alex Johnson

Second Grade: Elijah Day

Third Grade: Hayden Gilman

Fourth Grade- Kaydyn Jones

September- Caring Citizen

Pre-K: Brynlee Voitelle

Kindergarten:  Berkley Johnson

First Grade:  Mason Runyon

Second Grade: Phaedra Horton

Third Grade: Zeke Tiller

Fourth Grade- Kevin Farmer

October- Marvelous Mathematician

Pre-K: John Hawkins

Kindergarten:  Tanner Adams

First Grade:  Maggie Wright

Second Grade: Brody Ellis

Third Grade: Carson Hale-Curry

Fourth Grade- David Browning

November- Handy Helper

Pre-K: Blake Deer

Kindergarten:  Paisley Gibson

First Grade:  Dylan Miller

Second Grade: Laura Lambert

Third Grade: Karleigh Moore

Fourth Grade- Alexis Nottingham

December- Amazing Artist

Pre-K: Kylee Nelson

Kindergarten:  Gracie Bridges

First Grade:  Carson Adkins

Second Grade: Sybella Appleberry

Third Grade: Zane Jones

Fourth Grade- Nevaeh Jessup

January- Homework Hero

Pre-K: Fallan Morgan

Kindergarten:  Amelia Morris

First Grade:  Anthony Rorrer

Second Grade: Devin Robinson

Third Grade: Jenna Hatfield

Fourth Grade- Matthew Canterbury

February- Mad Scientist

Pre-K:  Lauren Ellis

Kindergarten:  Garrett Winter

First Grade:  Ben Frye

Second Grade:  Lucas Quinn

Third Grade:  Nathan McCoy

Fourth Grade:  Caitlin Ellis

March- Rad Reader

Pre-K: Daphne Wells

Kindergarten:  Alexis Durham

First Grade:  Daphne Ellis

Second Grade: Andrew Toney

Third Grade: Zeke Tiller

Fourth Grade- Jayden Meade

















































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